Healthy Tomato Soup – You can cook at home!


It was a rainy Monday today and since I was suffering from cough and cold, I decided to try tomato soup recipe. Knorr soup or other ready-made soups have their own disadvantages and health related concerns. So, I thought about making a healthy tomato soup at home.

Ingredients I used:

4 Fresh Red Tomatoes (Big) Chopped

Sugar (1 teaspoon)


Black Pepper Powder

Chopped Onion (1)

Chopped Carrot (1)

Butter (Half teaspoon)


Take half teaspoon butter in a pan, heat it and add chopped onion and carrot. Let it toss for some time and then add tomatoes. Let them cook for some time. Now turn off the heat. Take a pressure cooker. Add the chopped vegetables and add 1 glass of water (200 ml). Steam the mixture for two whistles (will take approximately 5-6 minutes) on medium flame. Now let the mixture cool. After about 20 minutes. Strain the mixture, but remember not to throw the water. Put the mixture in a mixer grinder and grind it till it becomes a paste. Now mix the paste and water (you separated earlier from straining) and let it boil. Add salt as needed, and sprinkle some black pepper. Let the mixture cook for a few minutes. Now again strain the mixture. Strain it thoroughly as it may have the seeds of tomatoes. The concentrate you have needs to be boiled again. Now add 1 teaspoon sugar. After it cooks for a few minutes and you can see that it is thick as you need, pour it in a bowl and consume or serve!

You will love the taste and the nutrition!

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