Cookies with Cream and Tomato Toppings

Cookies with Tomato and Creme Toppings

I love experimenting with food and I am proud to share my favorite innovation -Salty cookies with toppings of tomato, milk cream and tomato sauce. It is my favorite late night snack and I have served this to many guests who have found the combination interesting!

Here is a formal recipe:

Ingredients: One Packet of Salted Cookies (Such as Monaco), Tomato, Tomato Sauce, Milk Cream

Procedure: Take a pack of Monaco Cookies and arrange the cookies evenly on a plate. Now pour a little cream on all the cookies. Next, cut slices of fresh tomato and arrange them on the cookies. Finally, add a drop of tomato sauce on each cookie and the dish is ready! Yes, it just takes 5 minutes to prepare this!

Precaution: You need to consume the dish within 15-20 minutes of preparation, else the cookies will melt with sauce.. But who will wait for that long? 🙂

Try it for yourself and enjoy!

Maggi cooked with Indian Tadka

Maggi with Indian Tadka

I am quite experimental with cooking and here is how I experimented with Maggi and the results were nice. Hope you may also love it.

Ingredients: Maggi Vegetable Noodles, Chopped vegetables- Carrot, cabbage, onion, capsicum; Red Chilly seeds (Similar to one by pizza hut), Normal oil (Dhara)

Procedure: Take a pan. Pour 2 teaspoons oil. Add red chillie powder. Add vegetables and cook them for about 1 min till they turn little yellowish. Now add water as per maggi pack size. Now add maggi masala maker. Stir the mizture well. To this add tomato sauce/puree. Now add maggi noodles. Stir the mixture and cook it till water dehydrates. Your maggi in Indian style is ready!!

Hope you try this dish and enjoy the twist in taste.