Cookies with Cream and Tomato Toppings

Cookies with Tomato and Creme Toppings

I love experimenting with food and I am proud to share my favorite innovation -Salty cookies with toppings of tomato, milk cream and tomato sauce. It is my favorite late night snack and I have served this to many guests who have found the combination interesting!

Here is a formal recipe:

Ingredients: One Packet of Salted Cookies (Such as Monaco), Tomato, Tomato Sauce, Milk Cream

Procedure: Take a pack of Monaco Cookies and arrange the cookies evenly on a plate. Now pour a little cream on all the cookies. Next, cut slices of fresh tomato and arrange them on the cookies. Finally, add a drop of tomato sauce on each cookie and the dish is ready! Yes, it just takes 5 minutes to prepare this!

Precaution: You need to consume the dish within 15-20 minutes of preparation, else the cookies will melt with sauce.. But who will wait for that long? 🙂

Try it for yourself and enjoy!

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