Is Truecaller Android App Reading Your Text Messages?

If you are using Truecaller App on your Android phone, this information may come as a big surprise for you.

I downloaded and installed McAfree Antivirus (McAfee LiveSafe) on my Sony Xperia Android phone to ensure the safety of my critical data. Minutes after the installation, Mc Afee started scanning my phone for vulnerable applications. To my surprise the anti-virus program warned me about Truecaller app installed on my phone.

According to McAfee LiveSafe, Truecaller version 5.31 has an above average data exposure. The app knows your latitude and may send your data to a website. The app also reads your text messages. Truecaller knows about email account on your device and reads your phone number. Additionally, ad libraries associated with Truecaller know about your wireless carrier, and can also read your device ID (IMEI).

So, please ensure you know about the amount of data you are sharing through Android Apps.

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