Believe in yourself

“Whatever may come forth, believe in yourself..”

Please forgive me for any formatting errors in this article. I am quite embarrassed to admit that even after 7 years of on and off blogging, I cannot consider myself a laureate blogger. I started this blog in 2009 with a hope to enhance my writing skills and create my own fan following as an author. It did start off well, but with my increasing preoccupation for job and personal affairs, the charm of writing here dwindled.

After a 3 year strong career with an internet based company, I was pushed into freelancing as an experiment designed by circumstances. It turned out beautifully as well with a lot of hiccups. Today, I can proudly say that I am a freelancer pushing my blog bandwagon slowly to make a living. Well, in arranging resources for my blogs, I chose writing as an option, but writing appealed to me so much that everything else subsided for me.

Finally, I have got a balance. I cannot stop writing since it is in my blood now. But yes, I have started devoting more time to internet marketing and SEO which were once my first love.

You may be wondering what has the blog post title to do with this post. Well it s for me to remember to believe in myself and shape my dreams this year.



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