Snapdeal Diwali Sale – Look Before You Shop

On a Monday morning, today, 12th October 2015, I decided to login on to have a look at Diwali Sales Offers. The hourly deals between 7-8 am did not appeal to me. I had a look, and went for my morning walk. When I came back at 8 am, I again logged on the website for some exciting deals.

Snapdeal Diwali Sale

I had almost finalized the product “CP Plus CP-QAC-DC72L2H2 CCTV Camera – White” listed at product available at a price of INR 1319 for the sale. But, I decided to cross-check the offer on Amazon (No sale period on Amazon right now).

Amazon Without Sale

To my surprise, the same item costs INR 1240 on Amazon right now without any sale period! (

It will take some time for me to research, if I have the risk of paying more in the name of Diwali sale, but Snapdeal Diwali sale is definitely not the one for me!

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