Romantic Love Messages for Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is just 7 days away and so I thought to help all those searching for some unique and cute romantic love messages with my collection :

  1. My love is like an ocean – a little salt and a little sugar.
  2. Be my life partner sweetheart and feel my love.
  3. Love is the best feeling in this world and you made me feel it.
  4. The sky is blue and the roses are red. I will love you till I am dead.
  5. One, two, three and four. Love me like never before.
  6. Love me today and love me more. Never please ignore.
  7. The way you love me, makes me mad for you each day.
  8. Love is a game of heart and not of brain. So I am a fool of your love.
  9. Pull me closer and let me touch your heart. Promise me this valentine, that we shall never fall apart.
  10. Your eyes are so intoxicating. Sometimes I forget my own name while lost in them.
  11. Love is no game, love is no art.  Love is for those who have a heart.
  12. You are the sweetest person I have ever met and I love you with no regret.
  13. I love you for what you are today and not for what you can be tomorrow.
  14. Love is only about giving and not getting. I am here for you my love.
  15. I love you sweetheart. Trust me and trust your heart.

You are mine and I am yours- Love Poem

You are mine and I am yours

Say the walls and the floors

Talk to me, it wont be boring

Say the sparrows chirping early morning

Be with me, breathe fresh air

I am an AC with no brand to compare

I will be with you like a shadow

Holding your hand through a plateau

I shall love you truly, I dare to say

Be my valentine, our love wont vanish away.

Say it again, shout it loud

Our love will be rain and not a cloud.

(By Anushka)

When you come close to me

In the middle of the night when you come close to me and say

I shall always be yours : today or tomorrow, night or day

I start dreaming with a silent desire, which I never dare to share

I see you holding me in your arms, gently caressing my hair

You push me close to yourself and you hold me tight

So that we only see each other, rest of world being out of sight

You look into my eyes and softly whisper the three golden alphabets

I L U – which shall stand true until sun keeps rising and sets

(Composed by Anushka)

Feel my love

Whether you are walking or you fly..

Stop for a while and look at the sky..

A body with a heart is mad for you

A poor soul can die for you

Neither I will hurt you

Nor I will make you cry..

I just want you to feel my love..

I want you to look into my heart like dove..

Touch the sky with brightest stars

Hold the saturn and feel the mars

Let your imagination fly too high

Let us be one and make it an unbreakable tie.

(Composed by : Anushka Suri)

Hindi Love Poem : Aksar socha karte hai

रातो को  तन्हाई में, अक्सर सोचा करते हैं

क्या खास है पाया तुम में, तुम पर क्यों हम मरते हैं?

सवाल ये हमने किया खुद से जब, एक बार न सों बार किया

जवाब कभी न आया जुदा  सा, हर बार एक इज़हार किया

तुम को पाकर हम हुए धनवान, तुमको खो कर हुए गरीब

कोशिश बहुत की हमने, पर बदल  न पाए अपने नसीब

फिर भी दिल में एक आस है, तेरे पास होने का एहसास है

दूर तू नजरो से हो मगर, दिल के हर दम पास है

आजा अब लौट के आजा, तेरे बिना मन उदास है

जल्दी  आजा, दौड़  के आजा, ना जाने कब तक इन साँसों में सांस है

(लेखिका : अनुष्का सूरी )

More poems in Hindi at :

Funny Romantic One Liners For Her and Him

Funny Romantic One Liners

Thanks so much for an amazing response to my earlier post on funny romantic one liners . Here are some more I have just thought about :

Funny romantic one liners for her

  • You are as sweet as sugar and I am scared I dont die of diabetes baby!
  • I love your hairstyle, some on left, some on right and others straight : I dont understand much but you look stunning sweetheart!
  • I love your teeth. Your teeth shine brightly on your face just like a streak of light in dark clouds.
  • I love you so much baby. Your voice is so intoxicating that it puts me to sleep when I call you at night! 😉
  • We both are made for each other. I have short eyesight and you have long. I cant see far away objects and you cant see near ones.. I keep on locking the doors and you keep unlocking them.. I keep breaking the rules and you keep making them..
  • I got scared when I first saw you in the morning! It was the first time I had seen you without any make up..
  • Your hairs are like an express way.. I get confused and lost on my way through them..
  • I owe my great biceps and tricepts to your darling. I lifted you every day and night.

Funny romantic one liners for him

  • I promise to hug you everyday but then I want you to use a deo everyday.
  • I love your moustaches but your beard pricks me dear
  • I love kissing you but your moustaches come in between
  • I love your spikes.. seems like a feshly cut green grass
  • I love your biceps and triceps.. hats off to your exercise schedule.. but you need to prove yourself. Lift me to 5th floor now!!!
  • I love your sparkling smile, which brand of toothpaste do your use?
  • Why do your hair stand straight? Are you using a gel??
  • I fell in love with you the moment I saw you wearing the best brand of shoes. Afterall you need a lot of money to buy such a brand and Iam sure you will buy me a ladies pair soon..

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Valentine’s Day Contests on Twitter

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

When you are in love- Love Poem

When you are in love – Love Poem

When you are in love, world seems round

You want him close, you want him around

When you are in love, you see her everywhere

Even the biggest  problems dont make you scare

When you are in love, all seems perfect

Nothing makes you tense, nothing causes you deject

When you are in love, you want to go in the rain

You smile all day and you can smile in the pain

When you are in love, you have a dearest wish

The wish is that may your love never vanish

You want her in your arms, you want her in your dreams

You feel your love, even when the whole world screams

Be thankful to God that you fell in love

For not many people are lucky to find true love

(By Anushka Suri)

What to gift your girlfriend this Valentine?

Valentine’s day is just 14 days away! Have you planned about what to gift your cute girl this valentine? Here are some ideas for you. Nope I am not writing about conventional gifts but rather unique gift ideas here.

  1. Jewellery Box: Girls are fond of jewellery and a jewellery box can be a great gift for your girlfriend! Whether its a bangle box or a box to store necklaces, earings and other jewellery, she will definitely find it quite useful. You can get it personalized with your names written on the box.
  2. Make up kit : If your girlfriend is fond of using make up, then make up kit will be an ideal gift for her. Gift her a branded and good quality set as she is going to use it on her skin.
  3. Chocolates  Gift Pack : Girls generally love chocolates, so go ahead and gift her a nice chocolate brand in a heart shaped box and make her feel special!
  4. Sing a song for her/ Dedicate a song for her on radio :  Make your princess feel special by singing her favorite song for her (if you are a good singer) or dedicating a song for her on the radio.
  5. Stuff Toys : Girls love stuff toys! Gift her a cute teddy bear, a naughty monkey, a heart shaped pillow, a tweety or a micky mouse!!
  6. Musical Card: You can gift her a musical card with romantic tunes playing each time she opens the card!
  7. Mobile Phone : Gift her the latest mobile phone! She will be excited to use the new phone if its latest tech phone!!
  8. Book : Gift your girl the latest book of her favorite author !
  9. Personalized Pillows: Get a pair of heart shaped pillows with names of you both embroidered on them!
  10. Message straight from the heart: Lastly, a simple self composed msg spoken, sent as email, on e card or as sms can make her feel loved and special!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post.

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Valentine gift ideas for boyfriend

Valentine gift ideas for boyfriend

Valentine’s day is approaching! Need some ideas on what to gift your boyfriend this valentine??

Unique gift ideas for your boyfriend

Here are some unique gift ideas for your boyfriend :

  • A painting : You can gift your boyfriend a nice painting which he can hang on the wall of his room and remember you. If he is artistic, it will be an ideal gift and if you are artistic too, then why not make a painting for your boyfriend?
  • An alarm clock: With the arrival of mobile phones, most people use phones as alarms. But if you gift a nice alarm clock to your boyfriend, he will wake up with the alarm and think about you on looking at the clock every morning.
  • A wrinkle free shirt: Guys just hate ironing their shirts dailly or getting them ironed. Your boyfriend will love a shirt gifted to him which does nt require ironing at all.
  • Sunglasses: Gifting your boyfriend a nice brand of sunglasses is a nice idea. Guys have sunglasses as style statement and every time he will wear those, you will be cherished in his memories.
  • Techno- Gadget : Whether it is the latest cell phone or software or any electronic gadget, your boyfriend will be always interested in gadgets. Gift him one and see the joy on his face.
  • Wallet: Gift your guy a nice leather wallet. If he doesnt like leather, gift him one of some other material. He will love it.
  • Wrist Watch: A good branded wrist watch will be an attractive gift for your boyfriend. Everytime he will look at the watch, he will think of you.
  • Personalised Gifts: You can get watches, wallets etc customised with you and your boyfriend’s name and photographs on the gift.

Hope you liked my ideas. Do post comments and feedback.