You are mine and I am yours- Love Poem

You are mine and I am yours

Say the walls and the floors

Talk to me, it wont be boring

Say the sparrows chirping early morning

Be with me, breathe fresh air

I am an AC with no brand to compare

I will be with you like a shadow

Holding your hand through a plateau

I shall love you truly, I dare to say

Be my valentine, our love wont vanish away.

Say it again, shout it loud

Our love will be rain and not a cloud.

(By Anushka)

When you come close to me

In the middle of the night when you come close to me and say

I shall always be yours : today or tomorrow, night or day

I start dreaming with a silent desire, which I never dare to share

I see you holding me in your arms, gently caressing my hair

You push me close to yourself and you hold me tight

So that we only see each other, rest of world being out of sight

You look into my eyes and softly whisper the three golden alphabets

I L U – which shall stand true until sun keeps rising and sets

(Composed by Anushka)

मैं शायर तो नहीं-हिंदी कविता

मैं शायर तो नहीं
पर दिल शायराना चाहता है
तू कातिल तो नहीं
मैं तेरी नजरो से घायल हूँ कहीं
तू ही मौला तू ही जूनून है
तेरे पास आके  ही मिलता सुकून है
तू बोले तो जियें 
जो बोले जो सर क़त्ल किये 
जो जागे तो है सवेरा 
तू न दिखे तो रहे अँधेरा 
तुझसे ही हर सुबह 
तुझसे ही हर शाम है
इन होठो पर खुदा से भी पहले
बस तेरा ही नाम है
यु तो क़त्ल हुए लाखो तेरे दीदार भर से
पर तुझपर मरने वालो में अपना भी कुछ नाम है
(अनुष्का सूरी)