Romantic Love Messages for Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is just 7 days away and so I thought to help all those searching for some unique and cute romantic love messages with my collection :

  1. My love is like an ocean – a little salt and a little sugar.
  2. Be my life partner sweetheart and feel my love.
  3. Love is the best feeling in this world and you made me feel it.
  4. The sky is blue and the roses are red. I will love you till I am dead.
  5. One, two, three and four. Love me like never before.
  6. Love me today and love me more. Never please ignore.
  7. The way you love me, makes me mad for you each day.
  8. Love is a game of heart and not of brain. So I am a fool of your love.
  9. Pull me closer and let me touch your heart. Promise me this valentine, that we shall never fall apart.
  10. Your eyes are so intoxicating. Sometimes I forget my own name while lost in them.
  11. Love is no game, love is no art.  Love is for those who have a heart.
  12. You are the sweetest person I have ever met and I love you with no regret.
  13. I love you for what you are today and not for what you can be tomorrow.
  14. Love is only about giving and not getting. I am here for you my love.
  15. I love you sweetheart. Trust me and trust your heart.

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