Tata DOCOMO lives up to all network quality benchmarks set by TRAI

Tata DOCOMO-the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, have launched a series of 8 Television Ad’s that magnify the theme ‘no getting away from the network that connects always. Everywhere’ – leveraging their signature tune as the signifier of the phone ringing. This message is reinforced with a strong support basis the TRAI Quality of Service report for all operators. As per this report, the Tata DOCOMO network delivers on all network quality parameters, as set by TRAI.


Since launch, the Tata DOCOMO network has improved significantly and is now comparable with the top players in the category. Over the last 2 years, they have been able to complete the ramp-up of their network to support 2G as well as 3G services. Their network supports superior voice experience on calls & enables richer communication with friends and family by ensuring: Network Availability, Network Connectivity, Call Quality and Least congestion. Backed by globally most advanced network technology, network service delivery is now a key differentiator for Tata DOCOMO.


Most of the communication around network by various operators in the category previously has ended up narrating a storyline on the strength of network, primarily around the expanse of coverage. However, over the last few years and more so, since launch of 3G, the erratic network connectivity even in ‘covered areas’ has become a key irritant for the consumer. In fact, ‘continuity of network’ is emerging as a stronger driver of network satisfaction than geographical expanse of coverage. The new communication from Tata DOCOMO hence maintains a humorous tonality while delivering network assurance across all the TVCs. They have tried to talk up their network delivery with this new ‘continuity’ dimension in a manner that consumers decipher the benefit of a network in their own manner.


Check out the new Tata DOCOMO TV Ad’s atwww.youtube.com/tatadocomo.

To check where your operator stands in the TRAI report, visit www.tatadocomo.com/network.aspx



Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction – Confucius

In a complex world like ours it becomes difficult to focus on the most basic needs with so many unwanted things competing for attention that leaves us struggling to make the right decisions. With so many thoughts clouding our mind there is hardly any space left to enjoy or even notice the simple pleasures of life. We need to de-clutter and filter out the unnecessary and reframe the most common question we ask ourselves, “What do we WANT?” to “what do I NEED?”

Telecom today is an integral part of our lives. Someone wisely said – ‘A man can go without water for 7 days, without food for 17 days and without mobile phone – for 1 hour!’ But contrarily something as important often ends up being the most complex! For those who are wondering how – try deciphering your mobile bill, or speaking to a customer care executive, or subscribing to a Value Added Service!

While other brands ‘promise’ to give us their best, Tata DOCOMO has already taken a leap of faith and launched the Keep it Simple – Eureka! leg to their KISS & WIN Contest. While Tata DOCOMO, in its own way has tried to simplify lives for us (Dial 121, press 9 to speak to their customer care executives) , they still want to reach out and get interesting ideas from the Facebook’ers on the various ideas to simplify telecom life .

You can now share your suggestions and be a part of the simplifier’s battalion by sharing your ideas on simplifying the complications in the telecom industry. All you need to do is list out a few suggestions on modifying current services or creating new ones which according to you will work best at making your communication experience glitch free.

There is no limit on the number of entries that a person can give. However mandatory for the ideas to be original and not copied! Don’t think Tata DOCOMO has an appetite to follow someone else’s footsteps!

Moreover, they have BlackBerry handsets to give away as prizes and a prestigious letter of appreciation signed by the senior management of Tata DOCOMO. I think I will have end this post now – because as I write there are already a few strands of thought bubbles which I think may get me a handset or two! See you there! Log on to www.facebook.com/tatadocomo and voice your opinion now.

Tata Docomo celebrates 1 million fans on Facebook

Tata DoCoMo Logo

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The launch of brand Tata DOCOMO marked a significant milestone in the Indian telecom landscape.Simplifying consumers’ telecom experience and enriching their lives is the brand’s promise and what hasemerged are a series of relevant innovations that has made them the First telecom brand in India andonly the 5th Indian brand to cross the 1 million fans mark on Facebook.
Seen as the game changer in the telecom market, Tata DOCOMO is one of the first Indian brands to takethe Social Media Marketing route and make its impact on popular social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, Orkut and YouTube. The brand has been nimble footed and deft in adapting to the new mediaof youth connect – the Internet. Tata DOCOMO has quickly reached to the pedestal of becomingone of the most admired brands on the Internet, in a short span of 18 months. A strong and growingcommunity of more than 1 million fans is engaged with the brand on Facebook alone.
Seems they would like to celebrate this occasion with friends and guess what they have in store for theconsumers??? “Tata Docomo Fans” can now celebrate with an “Industry First Double Talktime” offerwith Tata Docomo top up recharges for the next 3 days. Tata DOCOMO users can register for this offerdirectly from its Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/tatadocomo) and can make the recharges throughits website or through any valid Tata Docomo channels.
Talktime will be doubled 7 days after the promotional period ends. Tata DOCOMO Prepay users mustkeep in mind that only the highest of their recharge values during the promotional period will getdoubled. Thus if a user does 3 recharges of Rs. 50, Rs.100 and Rs.200, he will get double talktime onlyfor the Rs.200 recharge as it is the highest value amongst the three recharges done. ‘Double talktime’offer is valid only for recharges done upto a maximum of Rs.1, 000. Click here to know more.
With a company of Millions to Celebrate and with MNP round the corner, Tata Docomo now hasmore than one reason to celebrate. While the consumers are still mesmerized (and the competitionis agonized) with the tune of DO-DO-DO, the brand has set itself up for surpassing the standardsand establishing new ones – for ‘Doing the New’ is not just a brand thought, it’s a way of life at TataDOCOMO.

Tata DOCOMO’s ‘PAY PER SITE’ – DO the New

Now pay only for the websites you love surfing with Tata DOCOMO’s ‘PAY PER SITE’

Taking off from its revolutionary ‘Pay for what You Use’ concept, Tata DOCOMO has introduced yet another path-breaking offer, ‘Pay Per Site’. The revolutionary offer brings in a more simplified and unique “Pay-for-what-you-use” Internet-browsing model and breaks through the clutter in its category.

At the time of its launch in June last year , TATA DOCOMO had questioned the paradigm of Pay Per Minute and introduced Pay Per Second. With ‘Pay Per Site’, the story only gets better for the consumer. “Pay only for what you use and hence fairness continues to be an important differentiator for the brand,” said Mr Gurinder Singh Sandhu, Tata DOCOMO’s Head of Marketing.

Those who only browse two or three sites regularly are now free from monthly rentals and packs. Pay Per Site offers two combination packs—those only interested in single websites need to pay Rs 10 per site, whereas those with multiple site browsing needs can opt for a combo pack at just Rs 25 per month. Customers will have a bundle of options within various categories of social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Orkut), mail options (Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff) and chat messengers (GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, Nimbuzz).

There are 2 different genres under which each service is categorized Social Networking Site and Emailing and Instant Messaging. Each site under this genre is priced at Rs. 10/- bundled with 200 MB free data usage valid for 30 days, post which customers will be charged at 1p/kb. There are also 2 Combo options – SNS Combo Pack and Emailing Combo Pack and each Combo Pack is priced at Rs. 25/- bundled with 500 MB free data usage post which the customers will be charged 1p/kb.

To activate the services, customers can Dial *141# OR simply send an SMS with the keyword “MY SITE’ to 141 and following further instructions OR visit Tata DOCOMO website –http://bit.ly/SubscribetoPayPerSite

So if you are not a heavy internet user and regularly visit only a few websites daily, then shed those fat monthly packs and DO the New with Pay Per Site!