Tata DOCOMO lives up to all network quality benchmarks set by TRAI

Tata DOCOMO-the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, have launched a series of 8 Television Ad’s that magnify the theme ‘no getting away from the network that connects always. Everywhere’ – leveraging their signature tune as the signifier of the phone ringing. This message is reinforced with a strong support basis the TRAI Quality of Service report for all operators. As per this report, the Tata DOCOMO network delivers on all network quality parameters, as set by TRAI.


Since launch, the Tata DOCOMO network has improved significantly and is now comparable with the top players in the category. Over the last 2 years, they have been able to complete the ramp-up of their network to support 2G as well as 3G services. Their network supports superior voice experience on calls & enables richer communication with friends and family by ensuring: Network Availability, Network Connectivity, Call Quality and Least congestion. Backed by globally most advanced network technology, network service delivery is now a key differentiator for Tata DOCOMO.


Most of the communication around network by various operators in the category previously has ended up narrating a storyline on the strength of network, primarily around the expanse of coverage. However, over the last few years and more so, since launch of 3G, the erratic network connectivity even in ‘covered areas’ has become a key irritant for the consumer. In fact, ‘continuity of network’ is emerging as a stronger driver of network satisfaction than geographical expanse of coverage. The new communication from Tata DOCOMO hence maintains a humorous tonality while delivering network assurance across all the TVCs. They have tried to talk up their network delivery with this new ‘continuity’ dimension in a manner that consumers decipher the benefit of a network in their own manner.


Check out the new Tata DOCOMO TV Ad’s atwww.youtube.com/tatadocomo.

To check where your operator stands in the TRAI report, visit www.tatadocomo.com/network.aspx


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