Try till you make it

Try till you make it and do not run away. Whatever may be your situation – joy or sorrow, profit or loss, just do not quit; go on and on. It was nice to know about examples of great people who failed a lot of time in their lives but chose not to lose hope. If you fail 10 times, try 11th time and you will win. Just be strong and determined like a tough mountain and you will succeed.

When things are going wrong, which they definitely will..

When the path to success seems full of tough tasks..

When money is less and debt is more..

And you want to smile, but you are grieving..

When care wants you to stop for a while..

Wait if its is important, but do not run away..

Life is full of twists and turns..

Each of us learn from life sometimes..

And few unsuccessful people sometimes lose heart..

But if they really wanted to win, would they have run away like that?

Never quit, even if your steps are slow..

May be you can meet success in the next turn..

Mostly the goal is nearer..

than it seems to a sad and wavering person..

Mostly the people who struggle run away when..

They are almost about to achieve it..

And they realize it too late..

When the night has already passed away..

That how close they were actually to the golden crown..

Success is hidden  just behind failure..

Just like clouds of doubt have shining edges..

And you can never tell, how close you really were..

It can be nearer as well although it appears farther..

So keep the fight on, when you are in difficult times..

When things seem better, you must not run away..

(Adapted from Lines to Live By from Clinton Hovel 1972)

That’s all from my side today! Cheers!! 🙂


The art of self discipline

It is very important to wind up tasks that are important whether you like to do it or not.  Yes, the art of self-discipline helps you stay organized and focussed towards your goals.

Where does discipline start from?

Self discipline starts right from school – reaching school on time, having lunch in lunch break. In job, the same discipline comes into play – reaching office on time and having lunch in lunch break. The catch is how one utilizes time after office is over. The same discipline helps sportsmen practice and win medals.

You can start discipline in subjects which are easy to monitor for you. Remember nothing in this world comes for free, neither success does. So how you want to spend your entire day depends on you. It is not possible to do all things in one go, but you can do few things at least!

Here are few tips :

1. When you get up in morning, spend 15 minutes thinking what you will wear today.

2. Develop the art of reading and writing.

3. Maintain notes and file your activities.

4. Be determined and work fast.

5. Keep a watch on your telephone calls.

6. Do not get into the details of everything.

7. Finish off important and tough things first.

8. Find out short cuts.

9. Always take breaks to avoid exertion.

10. Do not day-dream and take actions instead.

Do what you desire at any cost – leaving bad habits for example before it is too late.  It is better to work hard and succeed than to take chances and fail.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading! Cheers!! 🙂

Enthusiasm makes the difference

In yet another chapter of the inspirational book – “अपनी क्षमताओं को पहचानें – स्किप रॉस और कैरोल सी कार्लसन”, I read about the role of enthusiasm in one’s life. Yes, the enthusiasm with which little kinder garten kids ask questions and participate in various activities. It seems that with growing age, all of us have lost the enthusiasm(at least I felt so)!

The word enthusiasm is derived from Greek word enthios which means God resides within us and He creates enthusiasm within us.  When we are enthusiastic, it shows in how we work, talk or even walk!

So let us look at various steps to bring enthusiasm in one’s life :

  1. Do your homework well

Whenever we have to do any work on any subject – be it a simple example of visiting a place, we must get complete information about how to reach, tourist places, what to do, weather and much more to make our trip most enjoyable. Similarly, whenever we want to be enthusiastic about anything, first gather complete information and interest develops and we become enthusiastic.

2. Do every task with full enthusiasm

Our enthusiasm shows in every work we do.

  • Walking : An enthusiastic person walks fast and stands straight. If you bend your eyes and shoulders while walking, it indicates you are not enthusiastic.
  • Hand Shake : A proper hand shake is one which gently presses the hand. Whenever anyone takes your hand in both his hands, it shows the person respects you and you are special for the person.
  • Smile : Yes, smile wins half the battle. A person who keeps smiling becomes the point of attraction for others. We must smile as much as we can and I do not mean laughing or giggling at others. If you are in grief and do not have any reason to smile, try to generate a reason. Look at the mirror and practice for that perfect smile. Remember, smile is generated from within and later reflects on your face. A smiling face brings smile on face of others.
  • Voice : Be enthusiastic while you talk. People love talking to enthusiastic people – clients, colleagues, family, friends – all love enthusiastic talks.  If you are making a presentation on stage, move and cover the stage while you talk- this will make your presentation more interesting and you will be sounding and showing more enthusiasm in front of your audience.

3.  Be the messenger of some good news :

We all love to hear good news from others. So try to use what a fantastic day today, what a fantastic news, what a nice strategy and things like that in your routine and see the difference for yourself.

I found today’s chapter very enlightening and interesting and I hope you liked reading it. Cheers!! 🙂