Be human- A poem

Be human – A poem

From being an ape, a nomad  to a civilized man,

The journey was long so was the time span..

Years passed by, summers and winters crossed by,

Rainfalls flooded earth and comets tossed by..

Volcanoes created craters,

Oceans were made by filling these by waters..

I know it became a little evolutionary science,

But thats the truth, with great reliance..

Now we are an advanced species,

With potential to break the universe into pieces..

All we require is a kind and a gentle heart,

To make sure that other species on this earth are not hurt..

Lets all take a step towards humanity,

Lets all make this world a beautiful fantasy..

Where there is love for all,

Whether one is big or too small..


(Composed by Anushka Suri)


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