Khuda Hare Krishna Wahe Guru Jesus Ram Hanuman Ganesha

I have not seen you God.  But I have felt your presence many times and I am 100% sure that you are present everywhere. You created all creatures in this universe with complex characteristics and beauty/art which would always fall short of words for appreciation. When you came in form of Jesus, Krishna, Ram, Guru Nanak we didn’t have capability to recognize you and we didn’t believe saints like Meerabai who had eternal love towards you. God I have not seen you, but I think you are very hi tech, updated with best powers and you have a kind heart which loves all creatures like a mother. You made so many arrangements to make our life comfortable. You made trees, fruits and grains so that we get energy. You made rain and snowfall so that we don’t fall short of water. You made seasons to make our lives comfortable. I just have one request that please bless me with power to forgive others, help all unconditionally and to be a good human being. Please let my belief that you are there always grow stronger each day. May I not be limited by religion but governed by thoughts of holy saints.