Who knows my fate?

I am a poor coincoin

Rotating from one pocket to another

If it is a good or a bad deal

I cannot afford to bother

Beggars cherish me in their bowls

I am the thirst of many poor souls

Gone are the days

When happiness mattered

Today without me

All dreams seem shattered

Every country designs me

In her own hold

Some in silver

While others in gold

I am the one

About whom economists chat

When inflation is higher

Or growth seems flat

Who knows my destiny

Who knows my fate

I am the poor fellow

Whom many await

I am a symbol of wealth

Then why do I cry about my poor health

A long story, it is

A journey too fade

Since the time I have been

Since coins have been made

My excess boosts the ego

My deficiency causes vertigo

Where do I go

Whom do I have to blame on?

I feel and I believe

That the show must go on

May God bless us

May God bless all

May the rich and the poor

Share me on the same ball

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