Messages for Happy Valentines Day

Here are few romantic messages for Valentine’s Day :

  • Smile says the sun, laugh says the moon. Oh my sweetheart be my valentine soon!
  • I am so intoxicated by the nectar of your eyes. Bless me by being my valentine, be mine!
  • This valentine, be mine.
  • I love you so much sweetheart, you are the gem of my heart. Be my valentine sweetheart!
  • You are as sweet as sugar and as salty as the sea. I want you to be my valentine, will you be?
  • Let the chocolate of love melt in our heart. Be my valentine oh sweetheart!
  • Let love light our hearts with bundles of joy. Be my valentine, I am a sweet boy!
  • I want you to be mine, this valentine.
  • You are as watery as chocolate and as sweet as honey. Will you be my valentine oh honey!
  • This valentine let our hearts be on a treat, will you be my valentine oh sweet!

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