I am sorry ma

You brought me up in the warmth of your hands..
You stood with me through all colored life bands..
You gave me food, you gave me strength..
You gave me unconditional love which doesn’t have length..
You forgave me for every bad task of mine..
You taught me the lessons of life..
You warned me of possible dangers to me..
I realized my mistake but it was already too late..
Neither there is time nor any fate..
I will stand by you with a smiling face..
Ma dont be sad, we win the race..
I won your heart and you won mine..
Thank you God for making you mine..
If ever I get a human birth again..
I would want to be your daughter again..

One thought on “I am sorry ma

  1. Very well written Anushka.. Just remember your mother’s prayers, they will always follow you. They will clung to you all your life…! You are a very good bachaa.. 🙂

    God bless you always…!!

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