Tips to make your relationship rock solid

Are you in a relationship? Are you commited to someone? Are you married? We all are into relationships whether it is an affair or marriage. All relationships are built on same fundametal elements and here I shall be listing some of them to help you make your relationship strong and long lasting.

Tips for long lasting relationship

  • Trust

Trust is the most important element for any relationship and a strong relation is based on level of trust which partners have towards each other. You should trust your partner. Lack of trust or persistant doubt on each other weaken the relationship.

  • Love and intimacy

The more you love each other, the more intimate you are with your partner, the stronger will your relationship be with your partner. You should be expressing your love at every possible occassion – be it anniversary, birthday, festivals and most importantly – on valentine’s day.

  • Transparency

The more transparent you are with your partner, the better it is. Do not hide your feelings and share what ever is in your heart. It makes the other person feel special and wanted.

  • Resolving conflicts

No relationship continues without fights and disagreements. It is important that whenever there is a conflict, it is resolved and things are clearbetween the partners. Do not drag a fight too long, it will kill your relationship.

  • Adjustment 

Adjustment is the key to success. We all have some good and some bad qualities and some likes and dislikes. So it is important to adjust with each other, adapt to likes and dislikes, habits etc, to make the relationship work.

  • Commitment

Commitment is also an important factor in long lasting relationships. Partners who are committed to each other, work hard on their relationships.

A piece of advice

Lastly, the above tips are just guidelines. No one understands your relationship better than you, so it is important that you sort out your matters directly with your partner. Sometimes, interference of friends and relatives does more harm than good. Look what works well for both of you and do accordingly.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article.

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