My experience with mobile phones


I have just started using a business smart phone – Acer BE Touch E100. So just thought of sharing my experience with mobile phones.

  • My first mobile phone

I started using mobile phones as early as 2002 when I bought Motorolla Start up model with all basic functions. It was a unique experience as SMS and calls were exciting. Wanted to access emails but that was not possible on a basic model. The set costed 2500 Rs.

  • Next upgradation – Sony Ericsson T610

In 2004, I bought Sony Ericsson T610 – which was a smart phone too. The phone had gprs and wap facility so I was delighted as net access was possible on phone!! The set created problems in 2007  and finally it had to be disposed off in 2008. The set was priced at 10000Rs.

  • Motorolla C168

I used this cell phone for time period 2007-2009.  The cell costed 3500 Rs and I enjoyed listening to radio 24×7. The cell had issues due to which it was disposed off in 2009.

  • Nokia Express Music 5310

I bought this for 8200 Rs from Planet M. The phone has been great with great music quality and good net browsing. The phone is still with me as a back up.

  • Acer BE Touch E 100

It is a windows mobile which is touchscreen. I am new to such platform. The phone doesnt have radio and battery back up is quite less. But I do keep discovering new features daily. The cell is priced at 15000 Rs but I paid only gift tax as I won this in a contest online.

That was my story of mobile transitions 2002-2009.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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