Tips to make your date memorable and pocket friendly

Planning  to go out on a date with your girlfriend? And worried about expenses??

Here are few tips for you to make this date memorable without being too heavy on your pocket!

Pocket Friendly Dating Ideas

  • A trip to Rose Garden/ Nehru Park/Mughal Garden (if in Delhi) or a well known flower garden in your city: 

A trip to a nice garden surrounded with flowers will make your girlfriend feel refreshed especially in winters when days are comfortable.

  • A trip to a zoological garden/wild life sanctuary:

If your girl loves nature and animals, she would enjoy a day trip to a zoological garden or a wildlife sanctuary.

  • Planning a lunch/dinner at your home:

You can plan cooking food yourself at home especially for her and she will love you a lot for this gesture!

  • Having a chaat treat:

A treat at local chaat wala can do wonders as having gol gappas (pani puris) and chaat together will be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

  • A visit to a book store of her choice:

If your girl loves reading books, then a visit to a well known book store will definitely please her.

I hope these ideas might be of some help. In case I am missing something, please contribute via comments and emails.

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