Delhi Elections 2015: Fate of Dilliwalas

I hardly have any interest in politics, but a debate session on TimesNow NewsHour broadcasted on 27th January 2015 (Debate 1) compelled me to write this blog post. The arguments and logic presented by Arnab Goswamy were so strong that I could not stop myself from participating in a tweet session with Times Now.

Every political party has come up with some agenda for Delhi Elections 2015. BJP has brought Kiran Bedi as a CM candidate. AAP has Kejriwal. Congress I hardly have any idea, but seems to be much behind in the race. I simply do not understand why political parties do not have annual reports that showcase their past track records.

For we common people who are based in Delhi, election day is the time to go and cast vote and then wait for the results and the new government. Life remains almost the same for most of us. The same policies, taxes, rules, regulations and fines. Inflation is at its peak, you cannot buy much to eat in 100 Rupees! Radish is 20 Rupees a kilogram and pulses cross even 100 rupees for a kilogram! What are we expected to eat? Air?

I do not know if BJP, AAP or Congress may win this election, but whoever wins kindly pay some attention to the problems of a common man – a local dilliwala.

Thanks for reading through!

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