What it takes to be a good project manager?


This post is just after I finished attending a webinar on project management. The webinar was conducted by Michael O Brochta (President, Zozer Inc.)

So here are my takeaways :

  • Planning and execution are most important for a project’s success.
  • Example of Shackleton for project success – all men on mission to Antarctica survived in good health and spirits
  • Earlier, project’s success = project manager’s success. But today things have become much more complex.
  • You should pick up the right projects to get success.
  • Talk on alpha project managers

Q : Is planning important?

Q: How much planning do you do?

Q: Is communication important?

Q: How often do you communicate?

Q: Do you have authority over project?

Q: How do you exercise the authority?

  • My life is a failure by Jim Johnson Standish group chaos reports – user involvement, rapid communication, communication with users.
  • Winning at new products  by Dr Cooper

It takes 7 new projects to get 1 successful project

Projects which succeed are done quickly

Faster we complete our project, higher chance for success.

Breaking project into chunks helps

Get things done quickly reduce cycle time

Credentials are necessary but along with experience.

  • What great project managers do?

They meet needs of others

Spend time on planning a lot


Lead and inspire

Work on successful projects

Succeed broadly

Deal with complexity

Get executives to act

Spend time more on communication – tailor messages to each stakeholders

Reduce cycle time – chunks and take feedback on each chunk

Master soft skills

  • Jim Collins – absolutely iron will – to be successful in project management
  • Applying common sense things with some uncommon discipline is the key.

Worth Reading : 

25 Q & A Sites About Project Management” ( http://www.projectmanagementtraining.net/25-q-a-sites-about-project-management ).

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