Colors : What do they signify for you?

Colors hold a lot of importance in our lives. As kids we love using various colors in our drawings. We love wearing our favorite colors, we love buying the pillow covers/ bed sheets of our favorite colors. We spend a lot of time deciding the color of the car we are about to buy. Nature is also full of colors. Grasses are green, roses are red, butterflies are multicolored, crows are black, sky is blue, moon is white at night, sun is golden and so on. Colors also express emotions. Blue color means depression or sadness, red means anger, green is for health, white is for peace and so on. Life changes colors. Our good times are the bright colors and the bad times are the dull ones. It depends on us to choose the color we want in the canvas of our life. I know it was too short to read but I hope you understand the philosophy of colors.

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