Love Romantic Messages

Valentine is about to come, less than 1 month to go. So thought about sharing some love based thoughts with you.

Love Messages

Here are few love messages which you can text/SMS or simply say to your love on every occassion to express your love.

  • You have a lovely heart, will you be my sweetheart?
  • Sky is blue, roses are red.. A spoon full jam, a piece of bread..I love you truly- I say today and I have always said..
  • Morning till evening, evening till night.. I wanna see you, you make me bright
  • You miss me and I miss you. You trust me and I trust you. May this be engraved in our hearts- You love me and I love you..
  • I left the sun. I did nt look at the moon.. I ignored the green grass.. I didnt feel the bright day..I am sad as you were far away..
  • Whether near or far, you will be my superstar.

Hope you liked some of them.

Do post feedback and comments.


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