Be a good human being

During my school education, I studied that the main aim of education is to make us a good human being. We keep hearing this often that humanity is above all religions but putting such ideas into practice becomes challenging.


Here are a few small things which we can do to step towards humanity:

  • Be helpful to others. Always extend help to people when ever they need it.
  • Dont hurt others. Making others sad by saying harsh words or torturing anyone  is one of the biggest sins.
  • Be kind to animals. Even if you hate animals, be kind to them. Do not un-necessarily beat an animal or torture it.
  • Do at least one good task daily. Bring a smile on someone’s face eveyday.
  • Do some charity by donating to NGOs, helping the poor and needy.
  • Love and respect your parents. Remember that you are also going to grow old some day.


You must avoid things below as far as possible:

  • Do not un-necessaily torture or irritate other creatures on earth- be it a human being or an animal
  • Do not abuse or dis-respect the elderly and your parents.

I hope this article might be of some use to you.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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