Having a crush on someone? Move on.

Inspired after reading Ruskin Bond on Times of India blog, I decided to revive my blog writing frequency. My blog has not been very active, thanks to laziness on my part and hectic work schedule. Today, while I write this post, I still need to deliver a write-up in few hours.

We all have had a crush on someone at some point in our lives. It usually starts when you are about to enter teenage, and continues till you are alive! I am only 32, and still single, so having a crush is not an issue within the scope of today’s Indian society that embraces modernity while flaunting shades of orthodox values at some intervals. Having a crush on a guy is still not something to be easily bragged about in India. I cannot remember a time when I had the guts to tell the guys I had a crush on, that I liked them. However, with time I gathered courage, and spoke up in a couple of cases. Unfortunately they declined. Declined me an entry into their lives, and even reacted in such a manner that surprised me. I never expected a handsome – a so called friend to get furious and shout at me when I told him that I had feelings for him. However, unlike bollywood romantic storytales, life gives you realistic experiences. You would say why am I writing this post? Well this one is for all those who have failed in love, and are unable to get out of the thinking trap.

My first episode of rejection initiated over an online chat system, it was probably google talk. I was in a hurry to express myself, and the guy would not agree to meet me in person. He was one of my good friends, and we are still friends. I decided to tell him over the chat, and his reaction was abrupt. He got furious, and instead of explaining the fact that he was already seeing someone, he shouted at me. I was totally dejected, not because he was not interested, but for his behavior. Time is a great healer, and eventually I got over it. His wedding announcement followed days after.

The next episode involved another not so close friend, whom I happened to meet at hobby class. This time I did the mistake of telling him too early that I had a crush on him. He politely said sorry. However, as we continued to meet almost daily, and after an exhaustive research on his online profile, I did figure out that he was single. A new hope emerged, and I decided to take on the challenge. After a gap of two months after my initial confession of crush, I again told him that I liked him. His reaction was abrupt and he never let me complete what I wanted to say. It was a phase of confusion and dejection. I decided to cement our friendship first, and then take up the matter later. After another 8 weeks, I accidentally sent him a romantic emoticon. The reaction was harsher. He blocked me on Facebook, and the new messaging app – Whatsapp. Life again became painful. However, life goes on, and I decided to wait for that one guy who can handle and appreciate me. One guy who will be able to see the kid in me, and be a part of my stupidity. The wait is on.

If you have a crush on someone, and you are rejected, please move on. Yes, move on. It may seem an uphill task initially, but eventually, you will find someone who truly values you. Do not be a part of a damaging relationship where you are not respected, loved and appreciated by your partner.


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