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If you are using Truecaller App on your Android phone, this information may come as a big surprise for you.

I downloaded and installed McAfree Antivirus (McAfee LiveSafe) on my Sony Xperia Android phone to ensure the safety of my critical data. Minutes after the installation, Mc Afee started scanning my phone for vulnerable applications. To my surprise the anti-virus program warned me about Truecaller app installed on my phone.

According to McAfee LiveSafe, Truecaller version 5.31 has an above average data exposure. The app knows your latitude and may send your data to a website. The app also reads your text messages. Truecaller knows about email account on your device and reads your phone number. Additionally, ad libraries associated with Truecaller know about your wireless carrier, and can also read your device ID (IMEI).

So, please ensure you know about the amount of data you are sharing through Android Apps.

My Beloved Mother

My mother

She was the best..

Her beautiful eyes..

Her unconditional love..

Her sweet voice..

Unforgettable memories..

Are with me

I love her

today and forever..

I am a poor coincoin

Rotating from one pocket to another

If it is a good or a bad deal

I cannot afford to bother

Beggars cherish me in their bowls

I am the thirst of many poor souls

Gone are the days

When happiness mattered

Today without me

All dreams seem shattered

Every country designs me

In her own hold

Some in silver

While others in gold

I am the one

About whom economists chat

When inflation is higher

Or growth seems flat

Who knows my destiny

Who knows my fate

I am the poor fellow

Whom many await

I am a symbol of wealth

Then why do I cry about my poor health

A long story, it is

A journey too fade

Since the time I have been

Since coins have been made

My excess boosts the ego

My deficiency causes vertigo

Where do I go

Whom do I have to blame on?

I feel and I believe

That the show must go on

May God bless us

May God bless all

May the rich and the poor

Share me on the same ball

It was a casual evening watching TimesNow Newshour where Amitabh Bacchan appeared with Arnab Goswamy for the promotion of the movie Shamitabh. I asked my dad if we could watch the movie at nearby Fun Cinemas and to my surprise he immediately agreed! I did not waste any time and quickly booked the tickets through bookmyshow.com. The total cost of Gold tickets (what was balcony ticket earlier) for two was INR 500 with an additional fee of INR 92 for internet. I decided to use payumoney for payments that saved me INR 75 on this transaction and paid INR 492 for the tickets! The time was set, 10:59 am on a Friday morning. The seats were pre-selected and we had a typical Punjabi breakfast with Gobhi paranthas and started for V3S Mall, Laxmi Nagar.

We went walking towards V3S Mall Fun Cinemas and exchanged the online printout for tickets at 10:30 am. The entry for the auditorium was opened at 10:40 am and at 10:50 am we were watching the trailers in the hall. The movie started at sharp 10:55am. It was a pleasure watching Amitabh Bachan with Dhanush and Antara. The movie was a bit technical in its description about the device and certain scenes such as adult scene post-interval could have been avoided. Overall, the movie was a great experience as it gave us 2.5 hours away from busy life and in front of a large screen.

The acting of all actors was superb! My dad enjoyed the movie and I believe my investment of INR 500 gave me high returns! I do not really bother much about the movie critic reviews. For me, Shamitabh is a winner.

I hardly have any interest in politics, but a debate session on TimesNow NewsHour broadcasted on 27th January 2015 (Debate 1) compelled me to write this blog post. The arguments and logic presented by Arnab Goswamy were so strong that I could not stop myself from participating in a tweet session with Times Now.

Every political party has come up with some agenda for Delhi Elections 2015. BJP has brought Kiran Bedi as a CM candidate. AAP has Kejriwal. Congress I hardly have any idea, but seems to be much behind in the race. I simply do not understand why political parties do not have annual reports that showcase their past track records.

For we common people who are based in Delhi, election day is the time to go and cast vote and then wait for the results and the new government. Life remains almost the same for most of us. The same policies, taxes, rules, regulations and fines. Inflation is at its peak, you cannot buy much to eat in 100 Rupees! Radish is 20 Rupees a kilogram and pulses cross even 100 rupees for a kilogram! What are we expected to eat? Air?

I do not know if BJP, AAP or Congress may win this election, but whoever wins kindly pay some attention to the problems of a common man – a local dilliwala.

Thanks for reading through!

New Resolutions for 2015

I hardly did personal blog posts in the year 2014, but I have great plans for the upcoming year 2015. Many more important decisions to be taken and implementation of innovative ideas. Some of these may include:

1) Writing a book and publishing it on Amazon Kindle.

2) Optimization of my present websites and getting rid of sites that do not perform by December 2015.

3) New  concept or business idea.

4) Better tracking and accounting of all I do.

5) Diary of projects and costing.

6) Adding more people to my team.

7) Certifications that matter!

I look forward to a great year 2015 that offers both personal and professional growth!

Wish you a very happy new year!


My Journey through 2014

I started this blog in the year 2009 on 25th December as an experiment to Merry Christmaslearn more about internet marketing and factors that may affect content rankings. The blog has been an excellent learning platform and also helped me to post my personal favorites and get recognition! This year I decided to finally buy anushkasuri.com and host it here on WordPress!

2014 was an interesting year as it gave wings to my dreams. I never knew I could take up writing as a profession. Now it is a habit! No, I have not left online marketing! It is just that I do it on my own ventures now! Hindilovepoems.com is one of them. Many more are likely to follow!

I had always thought about my own set-up but never really had the guts to quit a regular job! It all happened due to circumstances and it is for the good!

So far it has been great and I am sure 2015 brings more hope and aspirations!

I wish to thank all my friends, colleagues and readers who have been following my posts all these years. Thank you so much.

Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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